transparents and over lays :)))))
pastelly asked:
What do you draw it on and how do you draw it

I dont draw any transparents that i’ve posted so far , I just found them all over the internet but I wanna start making my very own transparents but the only thing is that I really suck at drawing so im gonna give it a try and see how it goes!

ohsnapitseileenposts asked:
Can I use your grandparents for my shop?

My Grandparents?????

Anonymous asked:
Can i use your transparent for my online shop? if you'd like credit or to make money off of this just email me(: Hopefully you say yes because i love your page(: heres my email its shopwavy at gmail

yes sure!

If any of you need help with transparents like how to edit with them or any other questions then you can inbox me and I will be glad to help as best as  I can.

angelsydney7 asked:
I absolutely have no clue how to make edits with these

Works best with a computer/laptop but you can also use your iPhone. But save the images that you want to your device then go to Once your there select edit photo then upload a photo, once you get there then select cut out and thats when you upload all the transparents that you want and it works like a charm.Plus you get a lot of other cool free effects and stuff. Hope it helps!

kiaratakacs asked:
I love your account so much I use a lot of your transparents for my edits. It would a be awesome if you could make a transparent about/with a broken heart, like 💔. That would be cool. Thanks x 😽😽

Made it for you!

Anonymous asked:
Hey how do the transparents work? Like i save them, then what? Thanks

Transparents are mostly used for editing pictures, you can use to add transparents to any image if you do not use photoshop. If you come off of anon I can show you a couple examples.

Made this Transparent on my own from a Brandy Melville sign! Trying to make more of my own, If I do not own a Transparent I will make sure to let you guys know! I do not want to steal other people’s work!
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Requested by, Broken Heart Emoji
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Just so everyone knows, I do not make the art for the transparents. Some I find and turn them transparent and other times I find really cool transparents and just post them because I love them so much. I do not know who make them 99% of the time and if I did i would totally credit them! The Transparents I do make on my own are the drippy letter and speech bubbles. All the others, I just turn the white background transparent to save people the trouble. I also want to thank everyone who sends me so many nice messages to my inbox and it makes my day when I read them! Also Thank you so much for 14,000 followers! I’m also going to try to make more of my own transparents! 

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