Transparents and over lays :)))))
So I made these and I liked how it turned out. If you want me to upload them individually, please let me know by inboxing me! 
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This is my first time making my own transparents that I free handed! I’m using a tye dyed shirt that i made and cut up little pieces to write things on them. I was inspired by patches that I have seen on Etsy. I can’t wait to upload them and I hope you all will like them. :D
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A lot of people ask me how to edit the transparents onto their own images and I’m going to list a couple websites and apps. For apps,you can use cyber fm,wikimagic, Pizap. For websites you can use and To make your own transparents you can go to or download an app called eraser. If you have gimp or photoshop on your computer then that works too. Hope this answers some of your questions! Plz let me know if this helps!

Not sure what the source is but I just turned this into a transparent overlay. 
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Made this into a Transparent because I love it. Source agirlnamedally 
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forerverediting asked:
Hey, I just started my own overlays account, and i wanted to know if you maybe had any tips for me :) Btw i Love your account soo much!!

My tips would be to post what you love and post often. Always be kind to your followers and try to help them out whether its a request or a question.  Hope that helps and thank you for message. 

Requested by ew-people-sucks , “Oh Wow”
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ew-people-sucks asked:
Heeeey✌ ur blog is épica girllll i really love it, grettings from Argentina✨ Ps. Can u make a transparent of a pic that says "oh wow" thankssss love ya 💜💜✌

Thanks love and I will make it right now for you!

xoxohaileybob67xoxo asked:
Can you make an ariana grande transparent? Preferably from her newest album my everything if not that's okay thank you xx

I made 2 Ariana Grande transparents but I will be making more!

Requested by the-chain-smoker 
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