transparents and over lays :)))))
Anonymous asked:
Please make the iPhone scream face transparent I wanna use it as an icon tyty

Do you mean the scream emoji?😱

themistahversacebabe asked:
How do you make photos transparent? I asked a different transparent blog but they were so rude to me :/

You can use, I think it’s the best way to make any image transparent. Hope that helps!

Made Ariana another transparent, i’m sorry their not very good but i’ll keep practicing and eventually they will get better, promise you guys! <3
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omg guys I figured out how to make any photo transparent!!! So I made this one because i’ve been getting a bunch of Ariana Grande requests!
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perfectlyypay asked:
I just want to say I love this acc!! You are amazing!! 💎💭

You are so sweet, THANK YOU IT MEANS A LOT.

pastelly asked:
What do you draw it on and how do you draw it

I dont draw any transparents that i’ve posted so far , I just found them all over the internet but I wanna start making my very own transparents but the only thing is that I really suck at drawing so im gonna give it a try and see how it goes!

ohsnapitseileenposts asked:
Can I use your grandparents for my shop?

My Grandparents?????

Anonymous asked:
Can i use your transparent for my online shop? if you'd like credit or to make money off of this just email me(: Hopefully you say yes because i love your page(: heres my email its shopwavy at gmail

yes sure!

If any of you need help with transparents like how to edit with them or any other questions then you can inbox me and I will be glad to help as best as  I can.

angelsydney7 asked:
I absolutely have no clue how to make edits with these

Works best with a computer/laptop but you can also use your iPhone. But save the images that you want to your device then go to Once your there select edit photo then upload a photo, once you get there then select cut out and thats when you upload all the transparents that you want and it works like a charm.Plus you get a lot of other cool free effects and stuff. Hope it helps!

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